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NEW! Metal Galvanised DuraPost!

There are many well known problems with traditional forms of fencing. Wooden posts can warp, rot or crack over time and Concrete posts are very heavy, lacks flexibility and don't look appealing.


Finally there's a solution.....


The DuraPost complements the beauty of wood with the strength of steel to create fencing that is quick to install.



The DuraPost doesn't rot, crack or warp like wood. It also won't chip or crack like concrete.

Longer Lasting

Guaranteed for up to 25 years*


Up to 80% lighter than concrete. Weighing in at just 7.1kg.

Easier and more efficient to install and readjust heights meaning less mistakes and re-work.


Twice as quick to install as concrete. Saves you time and money.

* Terms and Conditions apply



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