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Creosote Treatment

Creosote Treatment

Not new on the market but subject to EU directories and changes is HOT PRESSURE CREOSOTE impregnated timber.

Creosote is known for its preservative qualities and has been in use for many years.

Although many think that “creosote is banned” this is not the case. Creosote has been for some time restricted to professional and industrial use uses that include railways, electrical power transmission and telecommunications, fencing and agricultural purposes. Other uses that may involve frequent skin contact (inside buildings, playgrounds, domestic fencing and leisure facilities) are not permitted.

Creosote is the treatment of choice for equestrian fencing as it deters the tendency horses may have of chewing on the timber.

At Batsford Timber we treat with the most advanced grade of creosote available today. Our creosote not only offers the protection of traditional creosote but without the strong smell and leaching effects.

We also offer a treatment service for customers own timber subject to our terms and conditions. For more information please contact our Longleat depot.

More information is available if needed we can be reached through the Contact Us page.

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